Prayer Necklace



My first attempt at jewelry making.  Amber, jet, and pewter beads on Accu-flex wire with a gunmetal bar and toggle clasp.  Very lightweight and very striking when worn.

I chose amber and jet (also called black amber) because of my patron deity, Freyja, for whom the stones are considered sacred.  It was a combination of things that drove me to make this necklace as a replacement for my Thai amber necklace (a gift from my aunt from years ago).


Twisted Crochet Cowl

Twisted Cowl

Finals are finally over (and hopefully so is my school career), which means I have the time to edit and post some of the projects I’ve done over the past few months.

First up is this lovely twisted cowl, made from Universal Yarn’s Classic Shades in Tutti Frutti.  I picked this yarn up at my new favorite LYS Knitorious (shameless plug for the lovely ladies who are seriously some of the best and most knowledgeable crafters I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet) and, in true me fashion, had no idea what to do with just one skein of this brilliantly colored yarn.

I decided to try and make a knot stitch shawl using a free pattern I found online (you can find it here), which lasted for about five hours before I finally gave up and decided that the yarn I was using was all wrong for it and that I needed a new idea.   I finally settled on the idea of a twisted cowl to help keep my neck warm under my coat.  All in all it took me about three hours to finish this (I went really slowly and took my time, as it was a decompression project and I really needed it), and I’ve worn it a few times- it’s rather hard to coordinate this with my current wardrobe, but I hope to add more colors and hand knits in the near future.

Mohawk Hat

Made from a pattern in the lovely Pretty in Punk book by Knit Head.  This was my first time doing a lot of the techniques required to knit a hat (including knitting a hat!), and I’m very proud of how well it turned out.  I’ve never used wool yarn before, so this was quite an experience for me; I’m more than a little addicted to the texture of wool now thanks to this little beauty.

I decided to go with lime green and black instead of the suggested pink and black color combo- I’ve never been a pink person, but I love lime green with all my little heart.  Plus, I can wear this to my Lolita group’s winter meetup and STILL match my coord- especially if I make myself matching accessories out of my spare lime green bat print!

No-Sew Fairy Princess Tutu


I made this lovely little gift for my friend’s daughter/adopted niece-monster.  She turned six about a month ago and absolutely LOVED it.  I got the idea when I took her and her mother shopping at my local JoAnn’s- she was enamored with all the Halloween tutus for sale in the costume aisle, and her mom told her I could make her one cheaper.

So I did!

The easiest part was buying the tulle and ribbon.  I knew that colors like black and violet and such would not be appreciated by her grandmother, even though said niece-monster would love them.  Instead I focused on finding bright, happy, stereotypically “girly” colors, like hot pink, lavender, and pastel pink.  I also grabbed a bit of turquoise and gold to toss in so as to provide a bit of cool contrast to the pinks, and a bit of warmth to the purple.  I bought one yard of each color and began to cut.  I folded three colors in half length-wise, while the remaining two were folded in half width-wise.  This caused a difference in lengths and textures among the colors, as the longer lengths scrunched up and curled while the shorter lengths provided body and volume for the skirt.

For the waist,  I used a thick purple ribbon from the craft section, and tied the tulle around it with larks head knots.  I was able to control the pattern and color variation this was, as well as make it adjustable for whenever the niece-monster grows up and wants a bigger tutu.

Bleeding Heart Scarf and Hat

It’s that time of year again, lovelies.  Apple cider is everywhere, pumpkins are popping up on every corner, Christmas decorations are slowly taking over store displays, and  the weather’s getting cold for those of us in the Northern hemisphere.  What better time to pick up the hooks and needles for more accessories!

For this particular set, I used Caron’s Simply Soft Paints in Sunset.  I picked up two skeins on a whim at the store because I liked the colors, but had no clue what to do with them.  I wound up making the hat to show a fellow yarn club member how I make hats, and I really liked the pattern the yarn formed as I worked the hat in single crochet.  I don’t ever really follow a specific pattern for my hats, other than a basic general self-taught method that works quite well (especially the more I use it).  It takes a bit of  experience and general crochet knowledge to use this method – like when to change up the increases- but it’s one of my favorite go-to easy patterns for when I don’t want to focus heavily on a project.

To make the hat:

  • Started with a magic ring
  • Worked in sc st with varying increases- for the first few rows I worked an increase every 2nd stitch, when it started to ruffle I worked the increase every 3rd row, then every 4th row, and for the latter rows I worked an increase every 5th row until the hat was able to cover my head.
  • Decreased every 5th

The scarf was more of a problem; I knew I wanted a scarf with a very big, loose, almost lacy-stitch, and originally thought to find a knitting pattern to use that would give me what I wanted.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pattern like what I wanted, so I started experimenting.  The first few attempts gave me headaches and hand cramps alike, and eventually I just gave up on my needles and started playing around with my hook.  I finally hit on

To make the scarf:

  • Chain your desired number of st (I made mine long enough to wrap around my neck once and still hang around my general waistband area)
  • Chain 2
  • Turn
  • Work dc in the 2nd chain st
  • *Continue to work dc in every stitch until the end of chain
  • Turn
  • Work in sc for two rows
  • Turn
  • Repeat from * until scarf is desired width
  • Finish with preferred bind-off method

Once the scarf was finished, I took the remaining yarn and wrapped it around my CD case to create the fringe.  I cut the yarn, sorted each fringe into three pieces, then pulled it through the ends of the scarf with my hook.  One quick overhand knot, and I have a piece of fringe.  I used 11 different pieces for each end of the scarf- 33 pieces per end, 66 pieces overall.  I’m really pleased with how my first fringe turned out- now it’s time to use up some more of that yarn in my stash- possibly to make a crochet tabbard for the cold months?

Halloween Shark Hat and Gloves


Hello duckies!

I finally managed to get a bit of sewing done- namely, my brother’s Halloween costume.  He’s seen here modeling the fleece hat and flipper gloves.

Materials used:

  • Fleece (white, red, grey)
  • Thread
  • Cardboard (for the fin)
  • Velcro fastensers
  • Googly eyes

The teeth required a bit of hand-stitching, but the overall effect was very easy to make with the machine.  I used newspaper as the pattern, which allowed me to make the curve of the fin fit perfectly into the curve of the hat, and the teeth and gums were freehand.  I used a stencil of his hands to make the gloves, which continue to stay pointed even when he bends his fingers.

Painted Skeleton Jewelry


Hello duckies!  Sorry about the long absence, but I’ve not had much time to make things these past few months.

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Rockaween Skirt

Sorry for being away for so long, duckies.  I’ve been busy with my last semester, and frankly all of my crafty things have been pushed to the side.  I’m hoping to get more done in the near future, but this was my reward for surviving the first three weeks, running a campus club, working, and carpooling with my mother.

I nicknamed this the Rockaween skirt for two reasons:

  1. I was listening to a lot of psychobilly and punk rock while sewing today, and
  2. It’s perfect for Halloween and the month of October.  I was so happy to start sewing this today I even wore my Pumpkin Tee as inspiration.

The Rockaween skirt is made from one yard of orange quilting cotton, cut in half lengthwise and sewn together at the ends.  The ruffles are made from one fat quarter of black quilting cotton cut into six long strips and sewn together.  The waistband is made from another quarter and was basically a 21” long piece with two 4” pieces sewn to the ends to make it fit my waist.

Eventually I WILL get around to making a tutorial for this kind of skirt, because it’s super easy and I really enjoy making them.

Musical Inspiration: Social Distortion


I got into Social D. much later than most-  I was in my 20s by the time my best friend and adopted sibling introduced me to them.  Since then, they’ve been another bond between the two of us, and every time I need comfort, I throw on a CD and think of him.  This song in particular reminds me of him, because I’m honestly awful at communications and do much better at sitting quietly while I work on something, or sitting and chattering about nothing in particular while I work on something than I do on the phone.  Since he lives hundreds of miles away from me, online or on the phone are the best we can do most of the time.  Music helps with that.

It also helps because I think of the live albums, the recordings where Ness flat out tells people they don’t know how things were, and to see people acting like they do, like they’re tough or hardcore, like they’re better is nothing but lies.  That life isn’t fair and it never will be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of what you’re given.

All of those lessons strike true with me.  They remind me of the words of my dear friend, they remind me of my own mentality, and they inspire me whenever I start getting emotional or thinking that I have it rough.  They make me strap on the ass kicking boots and get to work creating something to better my life with, even if it’s a silly little hat or a funny dress, and I can’t tell you how welcoming that inspiration is.

Mini Top Hats


Perfect for whenever I want to get fancy and adorable, all at the same time- and especially perfect considering Halloween is fast approaching!

All supplies excluding the lace were purchased at my new favorite local independent craft store.